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Has thinner stratum corneum or the outermost layer of skin and as a result can be extremely sensitive to environmental factors and chemicals, all of which can disrupt the skin’s pH balance. Our essentials range from Nathina are perfect cleansers that gently clears away the dead layers of skin, while our amazing Skinfluence hydrating serum gives your skin the hydration it needs.  Specifically designed by skin experts to keep your skin optimally hydrated.
Sunscreen is a very important part of our daily skin care routine. Our Derma Sunsheild with SPF 30 to protect or SWL (Snow Whitening Lotion) with SPF80 to repair & rejuvenate your skin. Effective immediately and less likely to cause irritation or sensitivity.


 It is said that even beautifully toned Asian skin is genetically predisposed to scar more easily than others as the skins stratum corneum is thinner.  Therefore greater care must be given when blemishes or acne breakouts occurs, or when undergoing any kind of treatments.  All skin contains about the same number of melanocytes but the amount of melanin they produce varies. Melanin is a natural skin pigment that protects the skin from UV damage. Obviously, dark skinned people produce more melanin and light skin people produce less. Our range of skin products provides gentle but effective relief that hydrates, rejuvenates and revitalizes and brightens, which can help tackle some of these issues.

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Studies have suggested that the Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) values were highest in Asians,  as well as increased levels of permeability. This is the amount of water vapor lost through the skin under non-sweating conditions. Through washing the skin is stripped of oil using harsh products it panics and will actually produce more oil.  Our Hikari Premium Glutathione with Oral Sunblock Technology is a great acid to reduce oil but hydration must be put back into the skin to keep it healthy . The dermis contains greater collagen levels. Collagen is what gives us elasticity in our skin and youth. Collagen starts to reduce by the age of just 25. So, no time like the present to start taking care of your skin visit our store today!

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Low prices, fantastic quality

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Confidence Skin Care is a UK based Filipino owned company providing a quality service and fantastic Asian skin care and cosmetic products to the British/Europe (and Worldwide) markets.


Filipino beauty products are gaining popularity all over the world and there is a growing market for makeup and skincare brands that suit all the different shades of kayumanggi (brown) skin.


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